John Collins is a registered Mechanical Engineer in both the States of Louisiana and Nebraska. He has more than 25 years of experience with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development. Functions managed on a statewide basis include: Road Maintenance, Drainage, Utilities, Traffic, Right-of-Way Management (Permits, Joint Use, and Landscape), Railroads, Telecommunications, Asset Management, Fleet Management, Buildings, and Emergency Services. His expertise includes: Process Improvement, Performance Optimization, Automation, Team Development, Team Leadership Negotiations, Change Management, Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, Government Relations, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Transportation, Organizational Enhancements, Operations Leadership, Strategic Direction, Business Turnaround, Budget Oversight.

John currently is the Public Works Director for the City of Grand Island, responsible for all public works activities (design, construction, maintenance, operations), including waste water, storm water, streets, drainage, snow removal, solid waste, fleet, permits, traffic, parking facilities, and various other activities typically associated with public works.

John Collins Profile Picture

John Collins, PE

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