Accidents at Highway 281 and Old Potash

John Collins explains how plan road improvements my reduce the accidents at Highway 281 and Old Potash.



Adams Street and Stolley Park Road Intersection

Traffic will be delay while a traffic signal at that intersection is being installed.  John Collins, Public Works Director, says the additional signal will allow drivers to passed safety after new school opens.


Accident at Uncontrolled Intersections

John Collins, Public Works Director, says there are not more accidents at uncontrolled intersections vs. controlled intersections.  The main cause of accident is uncontrolled maneuvers by drivers.



Capital Avenue – Ribbon Cutting



John Collins, Public Works Director/City Engineer talks about the Capital Avenue Project


Capital Avenue, in Grand Island, NE, is now open to traffic.  The ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Thursday, November 10.   Among the worth attendees were the Mayor, Jeremy Jensen; City Administrator, Marlin Ferguson; Public Works Director/City Engineer, John Collins; Department of Roads Director, Kyle Schneweis; and Council Members and Citizens of Grand Island.



Cutting the Ribbon – Mayor Jeremy Jensen and Kyle Schneweis


First Truck to roll down Capital Avenue